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A palm and an Agarve by Steve Bonner

A Palm and an Agarve


Barbados - New Slant by Steve Bonne

I have painted so many watercolours of the Caribbean. I love painting them - I just wish the medium was as popular as it used to be. I’ll put more up here in the near future I think. Why not! :-) In the meantime if you’d like to see more of my Caribbean work have a look at paintingfsofthecaribbean.com

Barbados - Four Palms by Steve Bonner

The Four Palms


All images Copyright © Steve Bonner, 2017. All rights reserved.

Steve Bonner’s Caribbean Watercolours


Just to let you know - I’m delighted to consider commissions, on just about anything (with exception of children and animals - there are many specialist painters out there who would do a much better job than I ) Please contact me here and we’ll discuss your ideas. SB

Tobago - Reclaimed by the jungle

Just off the Milford Road, between Bon Accord and Caanan

Watercolour and Gouache on board by Steve Bonner 12” x 8” approx

White inner, dark green outer  mount. Dark wood and gilt frame.

£450.00 plus P&P Available from the UK

If you’re interested in this painting please contact the artist for details

Reclaimed by the jungle - Tobago

A new slant on an old case study

I was proud of this - 5 puns in one title, a record I think! :-)


Caribbean Watercolours