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The painting Breaker No1 by Steve Bonner

Breaker No.1

It’s been on and off the easel for over a year but at last the painting is finished!

Executed in oils on canvas and measuring 80cm x 80cm (31″) this is a big and powerful painting. It isn’t framed but, although it’s a standard depth clean edge canvas, the edge is painted. In a minimalist setting it looks great hung just as it is.

As I said at the top of the page, this painting has taken a long time to finish. I’ve no idea why, painting it was fun from the first to the last brush stroke – intuitive painting usually is

It’s something of a Prussian fest – being predominately Prussian Blue and Green, with Indigo, a dash of Cobalt purple, and about half a tube of Titanium White.

You know what? I’m going to paint another one!

The painting is priced at £1500.00

I’ll be putting a Paypal link on shortly – not that I suggest using it because I do recommend viewing the painting. If you live in or around Chichester I’m happy to bring it around for a home viewing. Covid aware and restrictions allowing of course.

Breaker No1 by Steve Bonner - Hanging in a dilapidated room

The power of Photoshop laughing Room content illustration courtesy of Ferenc Keresi


Just to let you know - I’m delighted to consider commissions, on just about anything (with exception of children and animals - there are many specialist painters out there who would do a much better job than I ) Please contact me here and we’ll discuss your ideas. SB

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