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Blue Dragon by Steve Bonner

Blue Dragon

Oil on board 18” x 12”

Aluminium leaf border decoration.


Prints available - Please contact the artist

Frosted Moon Hare by Steve Bonner

Frosted Moon

Watercolour & Gouache on board. Framed

7” x  5”


The Magic Dress

Watercolour & Gouache on Board -unframed.

185 x 240mm

Available - Contact the artist

The truth is, I’ll paint just about anything, and over the years I probably have done. There’s no doubt about it, I enjoy fantasy themes - but then most big kids do!

All images Copyright © Steve Bonner, 2016. All rights reserved.



Oil on cabvas 18” x 24”


Prints available - Please contact the artist

Contact Contact

5D Cyborg Poster

Acrylic on board - airbrushed

Every now and then an interesting commission comes up - this was one of the better ones. A couple of promo posters for a software development company


30” x 40”

‘When I see you approaching, bewildered and fearful, I shall come to you’

Oil on box canvas. 40” x 40” Should be dry and available for delivery by the end of March. Painted edge box canvas and unframed. £2,000 plus delivery.

If interested, please contact the artist

Detail - click to see larger


Just to let you know - I’m delighted to consider commissions, on just about anything (with exception of children and animals - there are many specialist painters out there who would do a much better job than I ) Please contact me here and we’ll discuss your ideas. SB