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Alleynes Bay, Barbados, by Steve Bonner

“Hi Steve

Just to let you know the print has arrived fully intact and it looks fantastic !!

Many thanks for taking the time and effort to pack it so carefully it was well worth it.

I look forward to seeing the original view some time next year !”

Julian H.

One of my top selling prints, a 30” x 40” Limited Edition of Alleynes Bay on The Platinum Coast of Barbados. Just in case you want a copy pop along to my Caribbean website

“Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the time and effort you put in to my beautiful painting. I am so so pleased absolutely in love with it.

It is everything I imagined and more!

You have done such a wonderful job with it am over the moon and back :-)

I will try to get over to the studio at some point and personally thank you but thought I would drop a little to note to say it too.

Thanks again Steve.”

Emma B

Dawn - Oil on canvas. Variation on an original theme by the artist. 18” x 24” Framed

All images Copyright © Steve Bonner, 2017. All rights reserved.

Lightbringer - Oil on Canvas 18” x 24”


Just to let you know that the picture made it back to Vancouver without incident or damage and now looks great hanging in our dining room. Thanks for the excellent packing job.

Stephen P

Through the dunes - Oil on canvas 2’ x 3’ app. Framed


“Dear Steve, thank you so much for the beautiful, magnificent painting, The Lightbringer.  

It gifts me inspiration every time I look at it and is always mesmerising. The divine, angelic light being watches over me and I am drawn to the serenity and majesty of the piece and can never tire of it.  It really is an awe inspiring painting and brings not only light but joy, tranquility and peace.”

Louisa  C.


Just to let you know - I’m delighted to consider commissions, on just about anything (with exception of children and animals - there are many specialist painters out there who would do a much better job than I ) Please contact me here and we’ll discuss your ideas. SB

This probably isn’t exactly a testimonial but then again it could well be the best I’ve ever had. The piece already paid for, my clients told me the painting was worth far more than I'd charged and handed me an envelope! I'm sure we've all benefited from generosity from time to time but this, this, was extraordinary. Liz and Neil, thank you and God bless you.

Rest easy everyone - I don't expect this exceptional largesse to be repeated I promise :-D

West Wittering - 20” x 30” Oil on canvas - featuring my clients walking the beach with their dog

West Wittering by Steve Bonner

Very sweet of you Jane, but I wouldn’t go quite that far - Oh, I don’t know though! :-D

Wave Study No 4 - 20” x 30” Oil on clean edge box canvas