I also signwrite, by hand, Pub Signs, Chalkboards and A-Boards!

Perfect for Pubs, Bistros, Coffee Shops and hospitality venues everywhere.

Based in Chichester, West Sussex, I work throughout Sussex and Hampshire, and further afield if required.

I’m happy to work on location in your premises, or from my studio.

I generally have a fast response and turnaround, and prices are affordable and value for money.

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A-board comparison

If your A-Boards look like the one on the left you should certainly get in touch as soon as you can – and definately before, er, Xmas!

Your A-Boards are your businesses shop window so whilst you want to promote an event or product you don’t want to give the wrong impression – be careful what your existing signage may be saying about you.

You don’t need  to sweat over what you need your boards to say either. Give me the bare bones of your promotion and I’ll write concise, selling copy for you – subject to approval of course.

Hand Written Cocktails Chalkboard
Hand written Coffee Shop Chalkboard
Hand Written Carvery Price Board
Multi Event Chalkboard
Two items and Specials Menu

If I’m working on your premises don’t worry about hiding me away. Customers love watching chalkboards being written – you’ll wonder why you had the big screen TV installed. True the incessant “You’ve spelt that wrong, mate!” gets a little wearing – unless I have of course (not unheard of I have to admit) 

Breakfast A-board

They’re seen everywhere – in one state or another, and whilst they’re inexpensive to buy, or write, they deserve to be cared for better than they are.

Don’t leave them out all night – there’s a thriving industry in used A-boards, if you know what I mean! But do put them out as early as you can.

And please, as tempting as it is, when the boards are repainted prior to re-writing – any chalkboards – don’t give the job to the company muppet to do. Other than being run over by a truck nothing destroys your beautiful boards faster.

If there really is nobody on the staff who’s competent with a paintbrush leave them to me – I’ll paint them properly for very small money.

Covid A-board
Sky & BT Sports Chalkboard
Multi Item Pub Chalkboard
Whats On Pub Chalkboard

I write the chalkboards with water based acrylic paint – when cured, overnight will do the job, it’s waterproof and smudge proof and can be put outside with confidence. Obviously it can’t be wiped clean as chalk and chalk markers can – it takes minutes to repaint with a waterbased blackboard paint prior to rewriting. If you’re painting the boards please allow them to cure before handing them over for writing – I can usually get away with it but there are exceptions.

I will, on lists and menus, often use acrylic markers – they’re neat, fast to use, and result in a very different style. Otherwise all my work is carried out with a brush – sable, or sable and ox, sign writing brushes, or very occasionally, if I’m working in my studio, an airbrush which is good for backgrounds and colour blends.

Call or text me today for a quote     07717161945

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Just to let you know - I’m delighted to consider commissions, on just about anything (with exception of children and animals - there are many specialist painters out there who would do a much better job than I ) Please contact me here and we’ll discuss your ideas. SB

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