Hand written, professional quality, Chalkboards & A-Boards!

Selection of my chalkboards

Inexpensive, long lasting, attention grabbing, point of sale advertising.

Perfect for Pubs, Bistros, Coffee Shops, and all forms of hospitality.



Toilets, Garden, you know the sort of thing!

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Based in Chichester, and servicing West Sussex and South East Hampshire, I’ll sand and repaint, restore and repair (where possible) and signwrite your existing boards.

Collection and delivery service.

If you’re using Chalkboards for a ‘long term’ message rather than a temporary promotion it makes sense to have it professionally written. A survey has shown people absorb far more information from a blackboard than they do a printed poster!

Fully weatherproof – these boards last for years!

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Much as I prefer to work in my studio there are times when I have to work in-situ. Don’t worry about me writing the boards while the pub is open as customers love seeing a board being written. The “You’ve spelt that wrong, mate!” is almost constant 🙂 It’s only irritating when I have!

Hand Written Carvery Price Board
Hand written Coffee Shop Chalkboard
Hand Written Cocktails Chalkboard

It pays dividends to use a properley written A-board.

A note for Landlords.

Please don’t use chalkpens! They are an invention of the devil! A rain shower will render them unreadable in minutes – you, on the other hand, will never clean them off successfully. They’re also a pain to paint over. Acrylic Markers (Hobbycraft everywhere) are water proof and one ‘light’ coat of blackboard paint (wash your brush under the tap) and they’re gone forever. Just saying 

Better still – get me to write them laughing

And my work does last a long time!


Does 7 years seem reasonable?


I work in Acrylic paints, and largely letter with a brush, although I will use an acrylic pen for small lettering. Being acrylic the paint is waterproof and fade resistant.

This sign was written for the shopkeeper 7 years ago! True, it’s brought indoors every night, but the faded woodwork testifies to it’s age – the lettering is as crisp and bright as the day it was painted.