Seascapes – Paintings of the Ocean

I live and work by the sea, here in West Wittering, on the South Coast of England, and I doubt it will come as much of a surprise that I paint the sea – quite a lot!
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Wave Study 5
Oil on Canvas 24” x 24”
This was the day after the first gale of the 2017 Autumn season and although un-named it was still a pretty good blow. At the height of the storm the sea is entirely surf – the following day the swell remains but without the broken sea. This is how it looked about an hour and a quarter before high tide.
The sea in this painting is painted in glazes which gives it a wonderful translucent quality.

‘Breaker 3’
50cm x 50cm (20” x 20”) Oil on painted edge box canvas.
The last of my Breaker series, which started with the painting featured below.
Once again this is painted almost entirely in glazes – they give the sea a wonderful translucency, the light in the wave is the white of the canvas coming through the layers of paint. The final glaze in this painting, the shadow in the following breaker, was actually a thin layer of violet.
An effective technique, but very time consuming. Another glaze, day after day, until it’s reached the required depth of colour.

The Groyne – No 3 – West Wittering
Oil on painted edge box canvas 50cm x 100cm (20” x 40”)
A day or two after a gale. Winters sun and the tide nearly high.  

Towards Portsmouth - painting by Steve Bonner
‘Towards Portsmouth’

50cm x 100cm (20″ x 40″ approx) Oil on canvas covered panel. This was the first painting to use my patented technique (it’s not really laughing) for painting shingle. I was swopping texts with it’s owner the other day and realised the sky, normal in pre-pandemic days, features clouds generated by vapour trails. Those were the days!

‘Seventh Wave – East Wittering – Breaker Series No 4’
50cm x 100cm (20” x 40” approx) Oil on painted edge box canvas. No frame is necessary. Very pleased with this one! When, at the edge of the shingle bank, a big breaker hits the backswash of the previous big wave, it hits it like a brick. I’ve seen a breaker like this that ran the whole length of the wave – no point in painting it – I doubt anyone would believe it.  

‘Breaker 2’
45cm x 55cm (18” x 22”) Oil on painted edge box canvas. No frame is necessary.

Groyne at Bracklesham Bay
Acrylic on canvas 40” x 30”
I’ve noticed that the waves build up sand on one side of the groyne leaving the other side lower. Very often, even at low tide this then stays saturated. The weed covered timbers in this painting are heavily impasto – unusual for my work.

Surf Study – No 1 – West Wittering
Oil on Canvas 36” x  24”
A November afternoon following a gale. The tide is quite high and the breakers at there finest. The beach here goes out a long way and the waves roll and break, roll and break, continuously.

Do you own one of my paintings by any chance?

Over the years I’ve painted many yachts and sailing ships – cutters, frigates, all manner of craft. Sadly, I kept a very poor photographic record – so, if you have one would you take a snap of it please – I’d love to include it here, and more importantly I’d love to re-aquaint myself with it. Thank you.

White Sails – Thunderhead
By Steve Bonner. Oil on Canvas 18” x 24” – SOLD
Medici kindly published this as a Greetings Card for some years. Gratifying.

Into the Rain
Oil on canvas 20” x 24”

I’ve painted Gaffers many times and make no apology for it – the geometry of the sails is magic to paint.



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