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I recently came across a resource site for artists called ‘Art Store Front’. They’re a hosting gallery and print shop primarily and consequently not a lot of use to me as I persist, for better or worse, in doing that myself – but they do provide buckets of good advice for artists own websites – presumably hoping said artists will  get fed up with their sites having so few hits Google Analytics can’t even be bothered to count them, and will pay Art Store Front to take over. Still, I’m nothing if not tenacious, and ever keen to make my number one waste of time profitable, I trawled through their articles and videos voraciously.

The last of their features I read suggested that an artists site could be ‘Caveman’ or it could be ‘Romantic’ – the latter being the most desirable. I would have thought a ‘Caveman’ site was most suitable for some forms of sculpture but it seems that isn’t the case – it means the artist ignores the customers ‘needs’. Personally I would have thought my customers would rather I didn’t have anything to do with their needs, but no! On a ‘Romantic’ site the artist would, it said, engage, tell a story, share their personality with the reader. I couldn’t help think we were stepping onto dodgy ground here, after all, the writer has never met me, but I like to give myself the benefit of the doubt from time to time…

Ladies and Gentlemen – you’re in luck – my blogs back! 

New paintings – and thank heavens for Night Nurse!

So exactly how would one paint with a head that feels as if it’s stuffed with cotton wool? Badly, I suspect, and I’m not even going to try. It was only a matter of time when Ruth brought this cold home that, sooner or later, I was going down with it – and have I ever. Grade One – Man Flu

I feel like —-! I’m generating enough nasal interest to give fresh inspiration to Roald Dahl, and I’m more crochety than a bar of Afro-Caribbean music – I don’t want to be sick, dammit, I want to paint!

There are three paintings crying out for my attention at the moment and I’m desperate to get at them. Firstly a painting looking through the sand dunes towards the Isle of Wight with sea-grass in the foreground. Been on the easel far to long this one and it needs finishing.

 Secondly – a new angel. It’s ages since I painted ‘Lightbringer’ and I’ve been keen to do another for some time. This new painting will also feature that cloud merging into rock thing I had going on but in this one the figure will be centre stage. Principal inspiration here has been those wonderful Victorian’esque memorial sculptures – so beautiful. My palette? Deep, deep, purple and deep, deep, Prussian blue – IF I can pull it off it’s gonna be something else.

Finally another surf painting, this time rather than rolling waves it’s concentrating more on the detailing of one breaker, the swash and backwash. I’ve spent hours sat on the beach studying for this one – if there’s been a bit of a blow and the tides high I’ve been down there. It’s going onto a wide box canvas 20″ x 40″ – a format rather irreverently referred to as a ‘sofa painting’ because they’re usually hung behind the sofa. As a painter I’d much rather they were hung in front of the thing but seeing as there’s a sodding great TV in front of mine I’m hardly in a position to complain.

Still, with a little help from the my friend the Night Nurse, (God, but I love that stuff – fill the glass to the 20ml mark and whallop! Out of it until morning, sure as eggs is eggs!) I’ll be back in the studio in a day or two – can’t wait!

Stay happy and healthy, y’all

Pip, pip.