First posted 24/08/2017 on Blogger

Well, as you may have guessed from the headline the selection committee at the Mall Galleries decided they didn’t want my painting Groyne No2 for this years exhibition – well, it’s their loss! Pah!

Ah, you say, a little bit of sour grapes there. Well, maybe, just a little – but it really is their loss. You see, between the painting having been ‘digitally accepted’, lugged up to the Mall, rejected, and lugged back again, it acquired itself a customer. They came to see it, liked it, and wanted to buy it – and I had to tell them I couldn’t sell it to them while there was a chance it would be in the show.

“Not a problem” they said, “if it’s accepted we’ll go and buy it from the exhibition”.

‘But it’ll be over twice the price!’ says I.

“That’s all right” says them, “Will we have to queue like Harrods sale?” Wonderful – and what a refreshing change from “Will you take an offer?” so often the modern measure of appreciation.

So there you are, Mall Galleries, the painting is sold and already hanging on my customers wall – and you’re down a tad under three grand by my reckoning. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Will I be trying again? Not a chance – I reckon I’m through with competitive exhibitions – too much of a fag, too much of an emotional roller-coaster, frankly I can do without it and anyway, supposing I pulled it off – can you imagine me as a member of a Royal Society? Polite society dinners and the such? With my conversational skills and colourful use of invective? Neither can I. Pah!

Surf Study by Steve Bonner

So – back to the business in hand. This months offering is Surf Study No3, and it’s yours for £750. Look closely and you’ll see my patented technique for painting shingle – well, it isn’t actually patented but I think it should be as it’s pretty unique in my experience – I’m chuffed to bits with it – tho’ I say so myself and probably shouldn’t! It doesn’t need framing and will suit any modern decor, and remember, there’s only 90 odd shopping days to Christmas (I gift wrap for free) 😊 Find it here

Pip, pip.