Makes a change from waves don’t you think?

A few years ago, back when I thought there was any point to posting in Facebook, and even, on occasion, ‘putting a jockey on it’ as my pal Martin would say (a ‘cant’ expression – it means paying to expediate something, clearing a cheque usually) a lady somewhere asked, rather scathingly I thought, “Doesn’t he paint anything but waves?” Now, anyone spending more than a minute on my website (a rare bird!) will know I paint all sorts of stuff. The waves are recent, since we moved down here to the Sussex Coast in fact. My reasoning was that I might find them easier to sell – Ah, self delussion, would life be bearable without it! laughing

Anyway, this post is about the first of a new series. They’re not waves, and they’re not painted with my usual degree of slavish, and largely unpopular, accuracy. They are in fact painted with just three tools – a three inch paintbrush, a No 4 signwriting brush, and a sponge! Very fast (even if they do take twice the time most contemporary paiters spend on a canvas), very messy, very liberating, and huge fun!

Now, Ruth and I lived for a good 12 years in the Hampshire village of Buriton, on the lee of the South Downs. A wonderful place – good pubs, good times, and good friends – frankly I miss it, even the damp and the chill. Weather just twenty miles away on the coast is so much better! But I’m getting sidetracked. Leave the village on New Barn Lane and head south over the shoulder of the War Down. After a mile or so the road dips, swerving through a savage little S-bend, and emerges with a wonderful beech plantation on the left. It is, as woods go, a little dull but I find it impossible to drive past without stopping. The light, especially on a sunny spring day is mesmirising. This painting is – and yet isn’t – that wood. To me it feels like the wood without actually being the wood. Does that make sense?

The painting isn’t big 14″ x 18″ (355 x 455mm) and is acrylic on canvas – painted edge. It IS for sale but I haven’t got a clue what I want for it – make me a sensible offer! laughing


This is the real wood. I told you it was a little dull didn’t I! If you don’t know Buriton it’s worth a look. The Five Bells remains a favourite pub.