Er, sorry about that, it hasn’t of course, or not that I’m aware of anyway, although I believe someone was once stung by a jellyfish (possibly an instinctive and understandable reaction to swimmers choice of bathing apparel).

I’ve mentioned before that my blogs are amongst the least visited, and most rarely read, pages on the internet – and that is true!

What, I wondered could improve the situation – personality transplant possibly, taking a night-school course in Creative Writing, maybe getting off my backside and actually doing something? Whoa! Steady there, boy!

So I decided to browse the web and see what other artists are posting and do you know what I discovered? They’re posting links! No content worth speaking of – just links. How does that work?

The blogs I looked at were those Google ranked as ‘The 7 best Artist Blogs”, the “Top 12 Artist blogs in the UK” – that sort of thing.

I’m not sure what I expected –  insights into the  mind of the artist perhaps, possibly in much  the same way as I invite you to peruse the grubby and unedifying depths of my own psyche – but no – a couple of scattered lines of text and links. Something I did notice though – they’re short!

So – other than point out the new painting at the top of the page (50cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas – full image below) will be available in Billy’s on the Beach just as soon as it’s dry (£450 to you, John) I’m going to end there 😀

If by any chance you do read this you’re more than welcome to leave a comment, anything, I don’t care – but please – no links!

Pip, pip,